Also known as: Inferno (working title), Descent: Destination Saturn (demo version title), Descent 1 (informal title)

Descent screenshot #1

Developer: Parallax Software

Publisher: Interplay

Download shareware of Descent 2,807 kB (2.74 MB)


Type gabbagabbahey to enable cheat mode, then type any of the following codes to cheat:

ahimsa: Disable enemy fire
astral: Pass through doors (not walls)
bigred: "Super WowieZowie" weapons
bruin: Gain an extra life
buggin: Turbo (high speed) mode
farmerjoe: Warp to another level
flash: Show the path to the exit
guile: Toggle cloaking
honestbob: Gives you all weapons
lunacy: Fast robots (less shooting)
mitzi: Gives you all keys
poboys: Destroy the reactor
porgys: "Mega WowieZowie" weapons
racerx: Toggle God mode
scourger: "WowieZowie" weapons
twilight: Full shields


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