Boppin' screenshot #1

Developer: Accursed Toys

Publisher: Apogee Software

Download shareware of Boppin' 1,309 kB (1.28 MB)


The following cheats can be used anytime during the game:

Ctrl-B: Display the mystery spot
Ctrl-L: Moves you to the next level, at the expense of a life.
Shift-Ctrl-L: Moves you back a level. This will not work during the final battle.

These cheats work only in the registered version of the game. You must enter the password "TOYS" before using them to activate them:

1 or ! Set lives for player one to 0
2 or @ Set lives for player two to 0
Alt-H: Delivers one maximum hit during the final battle
Ctrl-F5: Adds one life to player one (nine max)
Ctrl-F8: Adds one life to player two (nine max)
Ctrl-F: Jump to the final battle for the episode


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